It’s Almost Too Much

‘It’s almost too much’, a listener wrote.

I had an interview with a radio station in which I also got questions about my youth and my illness. It was a bit difficult to talk about that, but also quite special. I am who I am, partly because of what I experienced, in my youth, and later on. Not only what I went through when our daughter passed away brought me where I am today, but also what happened before that.

It’s almost too much and I didn’t even share everything. These words touched me. Honestly, I think the same sometimes. It’s a lot and maybe it’s almost too much.

But I’m still here.
I live, grow, and develop.
Went on. Not without struggles.
Not pretending nothing ever happened.
I’m learning to look back with more honesty,
while less allowing my past dictate where I am now.

The bullying damaged me.
My hearing is not as it should be.
Limitations colored my perception of life.
Death trampled into my life and nearly overruled me.
It’s almost too much.

But I’m still here and I can only say, ‘Thank you Lord for being there. If you hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have been here anymore and I wouldn’t have been able to tell what happened, what that did to me and how You were there, even though sometimes I didn’t feel anything at all.’

It’s almost too much. Maybe it feels the same for you. I am not the only one who experienced or is experiencing difficult things. Only by watching the news I hear about Afghanistan, Somalia and closer home about injustice and child abuse.

It’s almost too much. But you are not alone. I can say that, because it was almost too much.

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