When Nothing Beats Anymore

When our baby died, I had feelings I had never felt before. At first, I could find strength and peace in my faith. In God. But some weeks later our baby was buried and the world kept going on like nothing ever happened. I felt devastated and lost. And I struggled to keep the faith.

I wondered how people did this, walking through the valley of the shadow of death. I had heard testimonies wherein someone shared that the road was dark, lonely, hard, but he or she came through it and now they walk in faith, more than they did before.

How did you feel in that valley, I wondered. What did you do, think, experience while walking that sinister, seemingly unending road?

I searched for books describing how it felt or what someone thought while living life after a deep disappointment, a shipwrecking loss. Was it normal what I was feeling and wanting and doing? I couldn’t find anything reassuring at that time. How I missed an honest book about how to walk through the valley in faith.

So I wrote a book myself. It took me some years, but in January 2021 my book was published in Dutch. A book wherein I tell my story honestly and in a way others can easily take out what might help them in their journey.

As I was corresponding with another mom who lived in another country and also had lost her fifth child, I wanted to share my book with her. So, after I wrote the book in Dutch, I translated it into English and my publisher helped me to send it to English publishers in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Now, I am happy and proud to tell you that my book has been edited and corrected and will be published in English this month!

If you live in Europe, you can preorder a copy by sending me a message.
If you live in the UK, you can preorder your copy here.
If you live on another continent, the book will become available via amazon soon. If you would like to receive a message when you can place your order, please contact me and I will let you know.

Right now, I am happy to present the cover and backcover of my book:


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