Mother’s Heart

Today it is Mother’s Day. Last year I wrote a song to word what I’ve learned about love in my life as a mother. I am happy to share it here with you. For audio, click here.

This mother heart, created to cherish
To care and to comfort, those who are near her.
This mother heart, broken and fractured
In life’s circumstances, through loss and hurt

This mother love, strong as a lion
Fights like a tiger to shield what’s hers
This mother love, scattered, expanded
To lavish the ones that love her loved ones

Night and night, kneeling down
Bringing all before the Lord
Surrendering dreams and fears
Acknowledging He’s in control

This mother heart was never abandoned
But tender reflecting the love of God
This mother heart, damaged and injured
Pictures the hurt of God wanting us

This mother love, always renewing
Through all the serving deepened and sure
This mother love, painful and glorious
Mirrors the deepness of Gods love for us

Music & Lyrics by Ineke Marsman-Polhuijs ©2020

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