God and food

He came every week. For a whole year every Thursday afternoon, he stood on the doorstep with a bowl of food. At the time I was so overwhelmed by life while taking care of four small children that I could only accept it gratefully. I didn’t even wonder why he was doing this.

I wasn’t sick or something like that. I did the things that had to be done and I was capable to cook myself and I did that for the rest of the week. Yet he saw something in my situation that moved him to cook every Thursday afternoon, drive twenty minutes to my house and hand it to me personally. I don’t know how he knew I needed this attention and care. He didn’t say much. Most of the time he didn’t even come in. He brought food that we had to learn to appreciate. But now when I come across a whole peppercorn in a meal, I think of him.

Yesterday I was reminded of him when reading Our Daily Bread of that day. It was about what true religion is: looking after widows and orphans, and how our actions reflect the sincerity of our faith and what that can lead to. The question at the end was: ‘How have you experienced the love of Jesus extended to you? What can you do to help someone in need?’

I immediately thought of this man. He showed me something of God. In the food, but also in his faithfulness, as he showed up every week with a homecooked meal. Without questions, without reproach, even without well-intentioned advice. Rarely he came in, but when he did, he prayed with me, allowed me to cry for a while. Apparently he felt how hard life felt to me. (It wasn’t until many months later, when I couldn’t get out of this state of mind, that I discovered that I had ADHD and was ‘just’ suffering burnout at that time).

In what he did, I saw God’s care for me. And because I now suddenly thought of that again and recently learned that it is good to tell about the beautiful things you experience and how you notice God’s love, I thought: let me write about that. Maybe it helps or inspires you.

And to that man, whom I haven’t seen in years, I want to say how much impact his faithful coming to my house has had. Thank you. In your faithfulness, attention and care, I have seen something of God. I am so grateful to you. You are a great example to me.

Foto door Eneida Nieves op Pexels.com

Originally written in Dutch

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